$300 million police infrastructure pipeline means jobs

$300 million police infrastructure pipeline means jobs Main Image

$300 million police infrastructure pipeline means jobs

On top of the 2,025 extra police personnel over five years, the Palaszczuk Government’s
$300 million police infrastructure pipeline will deliver new and improved police facilities,
and 900 jobs across Queensland.

Member for Macalister, Melissa McMahon said work would start on a new police facility to
be located in a future justice precinct in Beenleigh.”

“Not only are we building new and upgraded police facilities here in the Beenleigh, we’re
supporting jobs for local workers at a time when jobs and job security are more important
than ever,” Ms McMahon said.

“These new projects in the police infrastructure pipeline are an investment in the people
who live and work in the Macalister electorate. They are an investment in their future.”
Ms McMahon said the new infrastructure projects follow an historic investment in policing
in the Macalister electorate and across the South East.

The Palaszczuk Government has also announced 150 additional police would be
deployed to the South Eastern Police Region over the next five years.

“It’s the biggest investment in police numbers in Queensland in more than 30 years,” Ms
McMahon said.

Ms McMahon also welcomed the announcement of a mobile police beat van for the
Logan Police District.

“The new mobile police beat van will be able to be deployed across the Logan-Beenleigh

“These mobile police beat vans will take police into the heart of our local communities,
which means people will see more police more often.

“From these mobile police beats police will be able to take crime reports, victims’
statements, conduct field interviews and above all, boost safety with a more visible police
presence,” Ms McMahon said.

Ms McMahon said all this would be at risk under the LNP

“Unlike the LNP, these police commitments are fully funded.
“The LNP has racked up more than $24 billion in unfunded election commitments and that
means cuts to policing will be back on the agenda under the LNP. How else will they fund
their commitments?

“Queenslanders saw the economic and human carnage of the cuts and mass sackings
under the previous LNP state government.

“They’ve cut before, they’ll cut again. It’s the only way they can fund their election

“The LNP can’t be trusted when it comes to properly resourcing the police service,” Ms
McMahon said.