• To advise the Member for Macalister on a range of local and state issues from a youth perspective

• To advise the Member for Macalister on the most effective way to communicate local and state policies which will impact on young people and the causes they care about

• To give young people in the Macalister electorate a voice on issues of concern to them

• To provide young people in the Macalister electorate an opportunity to develop leadership skills and a knowledge of how government can work to effect change


Structure: The Committee to be constituted commencing 2024. The Member for Macalister will chair quarterly meetings of the Committee. The Member for Macalister will be supported by a Secretariat which will record the minutes of the meetings and, under her supervision, prepare any necessary documentation. The Committee will be comprised of:

• 2 members from Year 11/12, from each of the participating secondary schools within the Macalister Electorate; and

• 10 members between 18-23 years, enrolled in the Macalister electorate, who will be selected after a call for nominations.

All members will have equal standing. Membership is for a two year period. Membership may be terminated at the discretion of the Member for Macalister, or upon recommendation from a relevant school principal. Meetings will follow a pre-established agenda. Each member will have an opportunity to provide their input and share their ideas.

Expectations: Members of MacYAC are expected to actively and respectfully involve themselves in Committee activities. These may include participating in discussions, voicing concerns, reading and responding to draft laws, and engaging with the local community. Membership will be non-partisan. MacYAC members are also expected to remain active and upstanding members of the Macalister electorate. Any behaviour which may be seen to put the reputation of the Member for Macalister, the Committee, or of any government body, into dispute, may result in termination of membership. Termination of membership may also occur if more than two meetings are missed in a calendar year.

Method of Nomination: Method of Nomination: Prospective school members will be required to complete a hard copy Nomination Form, whilst members 18 and over may apply online using the electronic nomination process. The nomination process will require applicants to provide:

• their previous and current involvement in their local community or within an organisation/school

• their reasons for wanting to join the committee • the local and/or state issues about which they are particularly passionate

• what qualities they believe they would bring to the MacYAC.

Shortlisting will occur at the closing of the nomination period with interviews to occur over February. Successful applicants will be notified before the end of February 2024. Standby members may be appointed at the discretion of the Member for Macalister. The Member for Macalister will determine which candidates are most suitable for membership of the Committee.

Thank you for nominating for the Macalister Youth Advisory Committee. We will contact you in the near future